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      2. Honors and Qualifications

        Current position:Home>About Us>Honors and Qualifications

        2007 “Best Performance Award” for Yeston 8600GT Game ACE

        2007 “Annual Editor’s Choice Award for Quality Graphics Cards” by WHO’s TOPS

        2008 “- Annual Fastest-Growing Brand in Graphics Card Market” by China’s Popular IT Brands

        2008 “Annual Fastest-Growing Brand” by Popular Computer Weekly

        2008 “Editor’s Recommended Product” by Home Computer

        2009 “Annual Recommended Product of the Year” by zol.com.cn

        2009 “Most Valuable Brand (MVB)” by Computer Fan

        2010 “Editor’s Choice Award” for Yeston GTX460 Game ACE

        2010 “Annual Best Cost Performance Award for IT Brands in Northeast China”

        2010 “Recommended Product of the Year” by 52hardware.com

        2010 “Best Cost Performance Award” at the “Annual Grand Ceremony of IT Brands in Northeast China”

        2010 “AMD’s Best Graphics Card Performance Growth Award”

        2010 “Editor’s Choice Graphics Card Product Award”

        2012 “China’s Popular IT Brands - Most Innovative Brands of the Year”

        2012 “Editor’s Choice Award” by sanhaostreet.com for Yeston 7750 Game ACE

        2013 “Recommendation Award” by expreview.com for Yeston HD6770 Game ACE

        2013 “Recommendation Award” by expreview.com for Yeston R7770 Game ACE

        2014 “AMD’s CPU Best Strategic Partner of the Year”

        2015 “NVIDIA’s Excellent Cooperative Brand of the Year”

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