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      2. RX6000 series

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        YESTON RX6700XT-12GD6?

        Basic specification parameters:

        Core code and process: GA104/8nm

        Unified shaders: 5888

        Core frequency: 1500/1770MHz

        Memory frequency: 14GHz

        Memory capacity and specification: 8G/256bit/GDDR6 

        3D features: DirectX 12/Ansel/highlights/g-sync/Vulkan API/OpenGL 4.6/4k/virtual reality 

        OS features: Windows7/8/8.1/10 (only 64 bits are supported) 

        Radiator: YT4C (three fans, four heat pipes) 

        Bus interface: PCI-Express 4.0 

        Output interface: HDMI*1+DP*3 

        External power supply: 8 PIN *2

        Basic specification parameters: 

        Core code and process: Navi 22/7nm 

        Unified shaders: 2560 

        Core frequency/video memory frequency: 2424-2581MHz (game/acceleration) /16GHz (video memory frequency), dual BIOS on the same frequency 

        Memory capacity and specification: 12G/192bit/GDDR6 

        Infinity Cache: 96MB 

        3D Features: Complete DirectX 12/ Ray Tracing 

        OS features: Win10 64 

        Heat sink: YT6D(3 fans +ARGB synchronization) 

        Other features: AMD LiquidVR? technology, AMD FreeSync? technology 2 Radeon? VR Ready 

        Bus interface: PCI-Express 4.0 

        Output interface: DP (1.4 with DSC) * 3+HDMI (2.1 vrr and frl) 

        Power supply design: 7+2 phases 

        External power supply: 6+8 PIN (the power supply requires more than 750W)

        Name Explain Date Download
        顯卡驅動 2021-04-07 win7_64 win10_32

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